Sekai Gyoten News

In lieu of any new writing at the moment here is an old video. This is the Blanket Project as shown on a Japanese Game Show called Sekai Gyoten News. The premise of the show is that the guests who I think are celebrities, are given some clues and have to solve the mystery. The mystery is embedded in video segments which tell a story. So here’s the story behind the Blanket Project. There is a teenage boy who is peeping tom. He likes to stare at his young, hot neighbour through her window. When she shuts the blinds at night the boy will turn his attention to other neighbours like this little kid who kicks off his covers every night. On one of these occasions he notices the little kid is all covered up. So the big mystery is how is it that the kid no longer has the problem? The answer of course is that he has acquired a robotic blanket. I love that the invasion of privacy is the context to the mystery that goes without questioning. It was a pretty outrageous experience in all. I would love to make it to Japan at some point. I think the machines would go over well there. Anyways, the whole video is about 10 minutes, here’s a short excerpt.


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