Name Change for the Blog

I’ve decided to change the name of the blog from “The Making of ADB” to “Machines for Social Circumstances”. This also reflects certain changes in content. For the past year I’ve been documenting my efforts to build a social robot. The primary utility has been to keep track of my activities and my ideas as I go through the making process. In the beginning my concerns were primarily technical. It took a lot of work to get this thing working in a basic way. Now that I’ve shown it once, the project has started getting a little attention here and there. The effect of this has been to get me thinking again about why the hell anyone should care. And so as I’ve started to develop these thoughts again, I’ve decided to generalize a bit, branch out a little from the one project. Funnily enough, in doing so, I’ve adopted a name for the blog which was used for a set of drawings developed some years ago: Machines for Social Circumstances. The premise for the drawings and now for the blog, is to explore the design of machines that fill social voids. Okay, for the most part this won’t mean a significant change. I’ll still be talking about ADB mostly, as its the project I’m working on, but also I’ll talk more generally about social robots, and I’ll likely start dissing Twitter a bit. We’ll see where it goes. BTW my 4 year old PC is crashing in a bad way today, and so I’m working on my roommate’s Mac. I both adore its smoothness and robustness, and yet detest its closed glossiness and price. Is it time I accept the new electronic landscape and get one?


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