Down to the Crunch

I haven’t and won’t be posting much in the next while because I’m too damn busy trying to get this thing done.

Just over two weeks left, and I’m rushing to make things come together. I received the motors, and final shells this morning, I received and assembled half of the final version of the circuits over the past few days. What can I tell you, I’m only starting to battle the macro level bugs…those kind of bugs that only get discovered when the whole thing comes together. I haven’t found any that couldn’t be swiftly dealt with yet, but they may yet be lurking under the surface. The main one I’m working around is something of course I didn’t expect. When the circuits are recharging they each drop about 0.25 Volts. Not much, but this adds up to 3 Volts for the 12 modules. Why does this matter? Because the charge IC maximum Voltage is 12 Volts, which is also the level my circuit in general was designed to shut down at. Yet charging only starts at near 9 Volts. This doesn’t entirely make sense to me, but I can observe it…for each additional circuit I add I have to up the input voltage by .25 Volts, at a certain point I reach 12 Volts and then the circuit goes into to a safe mode. The temp solution at this stage is to lower the rate of recharge which seems to diminish the Voltage drop. I don’t have all 12 circuits together yet so hopefully I can lower it enough to recharge them all at once.

Another issue is that the motors were shipped without some of the peripherals such as the horns I need and the grommets, and the cables, and the bolts! This is a pain in the arse, especially the horn because my only solution for that is to cast duplicates….Fuck! CAST DUPLICATES!! That’s such an annoying thing to have to do at this stage. And I can easily see it taking a good junk of two days. There’s no way the company is going to get me the parts on time. So I have to do it this way.

Okay let’s see some of the good news…

The shells...together!

And here’s multiple motors receiving command off the same bus!

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