The other night I listened to an interview with David Foster Wallace. In it he said that when he’s creating a book he spends most of his time worrying about not writing. I can relate to this sentiment. I have an upcoming deadline if I haven’t mentioned it. In less than two months I’ll be showing this updated version of ADB at SIGGRAPH. This is a huge opportunity for me, and so I’m justifiably concerned. I have been working hard, though last week there was a lull and I began to panic. Wasn’t able to sleep…up till 6am. Now I seem to be back on track. Mind you, as I hope you can see I’ve been making decent progress, yet still have so much left to do:

  • Assemble and test complete prototype modules (hopefully one to two days of work)
  • Design end modules (I previously made end shells, but these are now outdated, because of general design changes…still I know from experience that I should be able to do that in a night)
  • Redo Main Circuit (two to three days, perhaps more depending on
  • Get everything fabbed (this is outsourced so shouldn’t impede my progress, but it is a factor in timing)
  • Assemble everything (4 days?)
  • Program it (with lots of help from Taiya Carleton who’s working on that in tandem)

And of course each of these tasks has multiple elements involved. Anyways, thank goodness for the support of my girlfriend who helps me stay on track. It is really worth noting that I’m about two months behind my estimated schedule! That’s why I wanted to make this blog, to better understand how long things actually take, and understand when I’m on and when I’m off track. Indeed, I’m better able now to identify when I’m distracted even by something that seems to be a part of the project, but is actually an externality (like figuring out 3D printers). I just wanted the parts. Speaking of distractions, time to get back to assembly…now to test out a Sanguino.

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