Serial Considerations

I’m now working on the communication between modules. I had originally hoped to use a wired connection via a slip ring, but as Rob Cruickshank and Matt Higginson warned me (two people with more knowledge in these areas than I) it wasn’t likely that would work. And lo they are right, at least my home brew slip ring works but not quite well enough, or at least I don’t trust it. So as they suggested I’m looking at using wireless. I’ve used xbees before, but not a network of them, so that is a new aspect. I figure that if I’m going to the trouble of using them, then I’d like to be able to program them wirelessly as well. I got that working today and here’s a very boring (and out of focus) video to prove it.

But that was fairly straight forward. The next part has me scratching my head a bit…in fact the purpose of this post is to clarify for myself what needs to be sorted out.

  • using the 644 to get 2 serial ports
  • getting all the xbees to talk to each other
  • Batch programming arduinos via xbee
    • changing the bootloader to use a different baud
      • – then the xbee could be set to a baud and just left there, instead of changing the baud at reset which could be complicated if the device conks out
    • or changing the baud at startup
  • finding stable communication baud for xbee

See, what I want is to keep the fast communication between the arduino and the motor (a million baud would do nicely), but to use the xbee I have to slow down communication, so using a 644 would potentially solve that, though it means opening up another new front (learning the 644) which could be nothing, or could be something…bad. At this stage I’d like to minimize the number of new things I have to add to the list.

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