Prints arrived

Here are the shells from shapeways. I got a couple printed as a test. I’m very happy with the results. I made a few adjustments and sent off for another two. Hopefully those work out and then I can order the remainder. Here’s some pics:

Test Shells Assembled

smooth shells yo

Slip Ring and "Latch" Connector

Slip Ring receptacle and "hitch" connector.

NB – The “latch” and “hitch” refer to the threaded parts that allow the modules to weave together like a pill bottle…not at all the right terminology but they stuck with me, so I’ve used them.

Here’s what I changed about the shells for the the next tests.

  • removed the slop in the ring connections.
  • extended roller rests
  • widened roller wings to better fit roller contacts
  • made some stabilizing wings for servo to constrain side to side movement
  • increased the cuts for the “hitch” and “latch” on the connector rings to make connecting and disconnecting easier
  • removed the bottom ring on the connector that was no longer of use
  • shortened servo rest
  • added a servo rest above servo to limit front to back movement

Crap I just realized that I’ve only tested them by spinning them by hand…still have to finish a complete assembly where the servo moves them and is triggered by capacitive sensors under the hood. So much to do!!!

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