wireless and cds5500

Quick note to register that over the past few days I’ve done the following:

  • made arduino talk to the Bioloid (fortunately, Arduino handles fast bauds with ease)
  • discovered that the AX-12 commands do not work off the bat with UPTech CDS5500 (but unfortunately there’s a dirth of documentation about what to do, so until more comes to light the UPTech sits on the sidelines).
  • attached RN-41 Bluetooth module to Arduino, and had computer talking wirelessly to Arduino at 1M baud. Unfortunately, it is unreliable at high speeds, requiring delays to cap the amount of data being passed. This is not ideal. So there’s a question of whether to use Bluetooth or Zigbee, fortunately the option exists. nice thing about Bluetooth is that so many devices have it built in, so that presents more interesting control options. Should try really test the speed limit…supposedly 300k is limit, even if connected at 1M.

Next I will test a 3 axis gyro with 3 axis accelerometer to use somewhere in the circuit. Then further test the cap sensors, trying to make them stable. Then I’ll get back to designing the circuit. I’m thinking of a simple circuit for the slaves, and something more involved for the master. Question is whether to design it such that the parts for the master can be added to any slave to make it a master, thus designing only one circuit, or whether to design two different circuits.

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  1. Cid

    Please go to our website for new updated documents of CDS5500:
    User manual,datasheets, software


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