makerbot made

Since my last post, I’ve spent all of my time for this project assembling a makerbot cupcake CNC kit. It took about 24 hours to assemble and work out the bugs, which took over a week to find those hours. Anyway, it’s working now. I won’t go over the details of building it since there is copious documentation online showing what’s involved. Sufficed to say, it was a lot of fun, and inspiring. Fun because I wasn’t figuring out anything, just following instructions, and learning tricks along the way. Inspiring because it gave further clarity to the idea of releasing ADB as a kit for others to assemble. Thanks Makerbot.

For now, I’ll be using the printer to prototype shells for the snake.

Here’s some blurry video of the machine in operation, and a photo of my first print…Darth Vader (seems to be becoming the Hello World of Makerbots).

The Dark Lord - My first Makerbot print

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