here we go again…

It seems like a few weeks since I’ve made good progress, and instead have been turning in circles. In actuality I’ve made a number of small advances, and also made some discoveries about what not to do.

First, the advances. Last week I got the h-bridge working, and also the hall-effect sensor for sensing current. But before either of these worked consistently I got distracted by the motor problems, which I laid out in the last post.

This week, I received the gears I ordered for first motor. I also bought a drill press which took a day or so of figuring out, and gathering the various peripherals, like the vice and cutting fluid. I drilled out the bore of the gears, but found that it was difficult to get the centering correct. Because of this challenge and also because of the torque issues, my inclination at this point is to go with servos for this job. Yet I can’t make that decision until I try those out as well. Today, I got the optical encoder working consistently enough that I’m ready to implement to it.

optical encoder disk

In some ways, it’s embarrassing that I’ve been doing this kind of stuff for several years and yet I haven’t got something as central as gearing down. Same goes for the encoder disk. At least I can say that now the encoder is working well. As for gears, and mechanics in general, it’s a beast I’m still battling.

BTW I realize that I’m not explaining the project in totally coherent terms. Rather I’m focusing on those aspects that are of actual interest to me at the time. I guess I already know all the parts more or less, and how they fit together so I don’t want to rehash that. If you want to know about it, then see the first post.

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