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If the motor is moved from the centre off to side I would need a geared collar:

This would allow the module to remain smaller than if it’s in the centre, and reduce the overall length, and make it easier for each module to turn.

| \
|     \


| \
|     \

Also looking for encoder (maybe rotary, maybe optical), other collars, module connecting solutions, slip ring or commutator brushes if I make my own Slip ring again…thinking about using roller levers for this purpose. Don’t know if it will work.

roller lever

Also, I purchased a cupcake CNC machine which should be arriving later this month. That will be a big help to work through designs. Thinking of printing out the final shells (using a better printer) instead of making casts from a mold…if I do this then I might forget having a parting line in the model. It already has a large orifice, so I can probably squeeze the parts in through there. Found out how to scale my 3D model, so I don’t have to redraw it from scratch. Whew. I need to scale the model in order to fit in the new motor which is twice as big.

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